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Mike King

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Heart and Vision



World Touch Media is Your Personal Global Printing Solution! Print and deliver anywhere, anytime all over the world!
The most cost-effective, highest quality production along with the most effective delivery methods available.

Mike King, founder of World Touch Media, has worked in international publishing for over 30 years. He has managed printing operations in Germany, China and the United States. 

King has worked in international rights and managed translation and distribution projects


for global literature ministries. He has also served as a consultant and trainer for international publishers. 

King has a passion to see people reached with the Good News of God’s love and salvation through worldwide literature distribution. 

World Touch Media provides clients with the perspective and expertise gained from over 30 years of experience in international printing, publishing, shipping and distribution. We offer full-service print production and distribution across the world, with the ability to custom tailor each job to specific needs.

We manage projects throughout every step of the process, allowing organizations to focus on developing their outreach and mission strategies. 

World Touch Media has developed many global strategic printing partnerships, which allows our clients the options of printing in China, Korea, Japan, India, Brazil, El Salvador, Egypt, Germany, Poland, Nepal, France, the US, Canada and more.

Drawing upon our years of experience and contacts, we help streamline deliveries of your product from printing facility to final destination, using the most efficient and cost effective methods available.

World Touch Media also provides website design and maintenance, graphic design, copy editing, and general project management consulting.

Contact us today to see how we can assist your organization to reach your ministry goals.  

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